Hi, this is marahin speaking, original author of wowrep.io. I'd like to announce that wowrep.io has been paused in development. At some point the decision came up to change the tech stack. At the time everyone was eager to develop and see some changes coming, we had everything planned and were ready to commit and deliver. The changes that came were very rapid and very absorbing (we decided to move from Rails monolith to separated backend/frontend), and we made some prototypes. While developing we also decided to switch from Rails to Go entirely with the API, which we had a storming discussion about. All that happening while in the mean time wowrep.io's production servers were running the legacy, original alpha stage build on monolith Rails container. Lately me and the team were taken away by real life issues. We did not have enough time to continue developing the new version of the project, and sadly, it seems that I'm the only one coming back, at least for now. In the mean time I stopped playing WoW because I did not have enough time to do it, and I also had achieved everything I wanted to last patch (which was Sire Denathrius Mythic kill). There was an issue reported about the addon not being up to date at all, and it became apparent that the legacy version has a lot of issues that have to be taken care of and maintained in order to keep the project running. Because of all the changes that happened in the last few months of the development, I'm now unable to commit enough time to take care of the project on my own, and the team is also unable to do it as of right now. This made me decide to take it down until we are able to actually serve the users. A heartbreaking decision it is considering all the time spent, but alas, this is just another hobby project. It was fun while it lasted. Thank you for all the support, and if you'd like to participate in development, let me know: me (at) marahin.pl.