Who am I?

Hi, I'm Jasiek, commonly known as marahin.

I am a gamer, backend developer, and overall IT / tech enthusiast. I really enjoy combining all of above.


Founder of the Electric Sheep Studio, I design, implement and deliver optimal backend solutions using Ruby (MRI/JRuby), Rails and Golang.

I focus on performance, standards compliance and quality of the product.

For full resume navigate to my LinkedIn Profile.


If you wish to contact me, please do so through e-mail: me@marahin.pl, or via any of the social media visible in the sidebar.


This is a list of projects I am or have been maintaining:

  • (2017) moor
    - simple API gateway (proxy), originally built to allow data retrieval from Medium-based blogs (last blog post on this page is fetched using it),
  • (2011) 3lab.re - a userspace for my IRC friends and colleagues, where we do stuff, but mostly just rant,
  • (2011) Gimb.us
    - a link shortener, which coolness is in the domain name (Polish pun),
  • - 2019: lack of interest by the users, decided to freeze it there
  • (2016) Wowapi
    - a Ruby gem for Blizzard's World of Warcraft MMORPG game,
  • - 2018: no longer an active World of Warcraft player,
  • (2012) ts.gimb.us - 2018: a TeamSpeak server for friends and I,
  • - 2017: Discord has dominated

For a full list of (previous and current) projects visit my git profile.


Apart from my pet projects I also do contribute to, report issues and code for open source projects: